Why Foam Insulated Windows?

Self-preservation comes standard in our Foam-insulated windows.  

The Eastern Box Turtle knows all about survival of the fittest. It possesses the ability to fold itself into a “box” and protect its soft body from harm.  Foam-insulated frames are the equivalent of this amazing reptile in the world of windows. The foam insulation acts as a warming layer to the interior surface of your window while resisting condensation.  In fact, foam can provide a 3% to 10% reduction in heat loss through the frame.  Award foam-insulated windows—invest in the ultimate comfort for your habitat.

Triple Glass Option

Custom Casings

Award Series Windows’ Ultimate Glass Technology protects your home from the elements while increasing comfort and reducing heating costs.  These quieter, warmer windows are economically priced and reduce the damaging effects of condensationand UV penetration. Preserve your expensive furniture and upholstery while protecting the environment

Award Style

With a myriad of options in style, energy efficiency, colour, size and hardware, Award Windows are custom manufactured to be a reflection of your personal style.  Decorating with washable Award casings and rosettes adds elegance to every room.

Executive Glass™

If you like the finer things in life, you will appreciate Executive Glass™ from Award.  It is 33% thicker than industry standards.  It’s also certifiably sound, vailable in a variety of options including both soft and hard coat LOW-E — the glass that saves energy.

Award Privacy

Award Windows

When you have a spectacular view, Award representatives will help you choose a glass option that will make your window picturesque. When you would like privacy, Award’s opaque glass options effectively block out the view from outside.

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