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Casement Window Designs
While many make the claim, only a few window systems are designed to truly go beyond the standard performance requirements in both commercial and residential environments, while offering distinct fenestration solutions for each. The System 1400 delivers on these claims and more.
Window Types: Fixed windows, casement windows, awning windows
Material: Cadmium- and lead-free RAU-PVC
Sealing System: Triple seal system
System Depth: 3 1/4 in (82.5 mm) and 4 5/8 in (117 mm)
Hinge Allowance: 7/16 in (11.4 mm)
Max. Glass Thickness: 1 3/8 in (35 mm)
Sightlines Frame / Sash: 3.464 in (88 mm)
Colors: White, beige and clay; woodgrain and solid color film can be laminated on the inside and outside of surfaces
U-values: Down to 0.15*
Structural Tests: 
  • Small picture frame, up to design pressures of R-PG65 
  • Large picture frame, up to design pressures of LC-PG60 
  • Casement window, up to design pressures of CW-PG60 
  • Awning window, up to design pressures of CW-PG60
Sound Reduction: Up to 41 dB
* Based on simulation Testing on our window and door systems is ongoing. Contact your REHAU representative for the latest results.

Performance Summary

NAFS: up to CW-PG60 U-factor down to 0.15* TAS: Impact Resistant DP-60 (HVHZ) ASTM E90 Acoustical (STC): up to 41 dB * based on simulation.

A Wide Range of Configuations

The standard 3 1/4 in. frame depth is ideal for standard retrofit applications. Frames are available with or without integral nailing fin. A 4 5/8 in. frame depth (vent and picture frames) is suitable for deeper wall construction. On the internal face, we’ve included an integral 3/4 in. drywall/extension jamb channel which allows for multiple interior finishing options. With the System 1400 design, casement, awning and fixed configurations are possible.

Multi-chambered Sash and Frame

Profles are designed for increased structural capacity and strength. Steel reinforcement is available, however, the System 1400 performs superbly even without. The sash reinforcement is designed particularly for the System 1400 sash. It fits perfectly.

More Versatility for Hardware

Designed to work with many different hardware options, the System 1400 satisfies a greater variety of preferences and custom looks.

Supplementary Profile

The frames are designed to be used with extensive selections of supplementary profles, providing a wide variety of mulling and installation options.

Proven Track Record

System 1400 has been the product of choice in numerous residential and light-commercial applications for many years. Naturally, it has been updated to meet and exceed current energy-performance requirements as well as to address changing preferences for styling and design.


  1. Multi-point sash locks and snubbers
    Create tight seal, providing extra security and comfort from air infiltration 2 
  2. High performance even without reinforcements
    Able to achieve AAMA(R) DP-40 rating at 28 x 63 in (0.71 x 1.60 m) without reinforcements 3 
  3. Three continuous seals
    Provide superior air and water barrier 4 
  4. Up to 1 3/8 in (35 mm) glazing capability
    Allows for excellent thermal and acoustical properties 
  5. Contoured or flat-faced sash
    Create either a millwork or contemporary look  
  6. 3 1/4 in (83 mm) small and large fixed frames and 4 5/8 in (117 mm) vent and large fixed frames with choice of contoured or flat/contemporary design Provide flexibility for projects with deeper wall construction
Casement Window Designs
Casement Window Designs


Casement Window Designs
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